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Meet Taylor

Founder of Ivy Marketing

​am a graduate from the University of North Dakota, where I received my Bachelor's in both Marketing and Entrepreneurship.  During my time at UND, I had the opportunity to have two internships that allowed me to start my dream company, Ivy Marketing.

I founded Ivy Marketing with a main goal in mind, to offer services for the business owner that lives a busy lifestyle, who would like to learn a few things about marketing from myself.  I am authentic, dependable, and hardworking.


I stand out among competitors because I strive for perfection.  I want your company to grow just as much as you do.  I am knowledgable on the latest trends and strategies in digital marketing to grow your business.  I truly believe that one is never done learning.

I enjoy volunteering my time with rescue animals.  I like to give back and save dogs who are in need of a fresh start.


Use the buttons below to contact me and view my achievements.  I look forward to hearing from you!

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